2D Export could be more intuitive

Heya! this is my first post, please be merciful.

I’m a hobbyist/engineer and have purchased pro subscription.
Proficient in both fusion360 and solidworks mainly from works I have done in uni.

Recently I wanted to build a laser cut design and got it drawn fully on the Shapr3D.
It was good experience, I still need to get used to swapping between finger and pencil.

What bothered me was when I finish my design and ready to export my design to DXF/DWG.
It was way harder than the designing the model itself.

In Fusion all I need is to create sketches projected from body and hit export. Regardless of what the orientation is in the model. The exported drawing is on the orientation of the plane.

In Shapr3D after creating all the planes and project all the sketches, and hit export, I only get some of the faces that is facing the “top”. The rest are not usable (either squashed, or just one flat line). I actually have to rotate and align all the sketches to face the “top” before an export. This is very tedious.

There should be function where the projected sketch onto the plane are exported true to the plane. That way the model does not need to be “unfolded” and projected only a certain way.

Two of the face on my design were in an unknown angle, and I had to manually “guess” the orientation to get a not exact export. I had a plane that is already true to the sketch.

I hope my frustration is due to my lack of knowledge in the software.

Anyway, so far so good.


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Perfect!!! Exactly what happen to me last night. I wanted to export my 2D planes to blender. I’m have big issue exporting my file to moropholio trace. These two apps shown to be compatible sold me purchase this product. I like the product up til this part. Really need help

Glad, I’m not alone :wink:

Lets hope there is a remedy.

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Actually, I have one more issue, but maybe should be discussed after this first issue is resolved. The exported DWG file, imported to my laser cutter does not cut in continuous line, rather randomly, its a bit annoying as the laser need to turn off and on as it jumps between cuts making the cut not smooth. I can fix the problem by “optimising” the cut on the laser cutter software, but that also takes a long time, extra work that I never had to deal with on the DWG export from fusion. Its a shame cause I’m starting to love drawing on the iPad more, and already invested in 2020 iPad Pro solely for this software. I really do hope this feature will get improved.

Sadly for $230-$250 can’t export they should. Wow, everything else amazing. No I’m not using the trail program lol.

Actually really need some help here… was hoping other people who have the same issue could tell me if they have a solution.

I have another design that is a bit complex with planes in many different angles. Need a 2d export of them so that I can laser cut. Seems it would take to long to unfold them one by one.

I read all Posts/Threads that are flagged by the System as New or having Content that has not be read by me.
However I certainly had not seen this Thread previously, although it would not have been answered most certainly it would have been read. Obviously there is no point in attempting to help when there is much knowledge available form Folk who use Laser equipment.
This Thread was not flagged as being New when I opened the Forum page.
This is not the first time New Posts/Threads have not been flagged to me.

Although I cannot help directly it may be worth entering Laser in the Search facility at the top right of every Forum page?
IIRC you will learn from such a search, Unfolding/Flattening a Sheet metal Design is not possible at present.

Other than that if you can better explain, by uploading the Design/Similar Mock Up, of what you are trying to do it may attract further assistance.