3D Printed Weather Contraption using Arduino Wifi

I’ve always loved Automatons and Heath-Robinson style mechanical animated sculptures that create movement with cams, pulleys and gears. I recently got a Prusa Mini and have been playing around with the amazing Shapr 3D on my iPad and was inspired to try and make some kind of kinetic contraption with it.

I made a video so you can see it in action!



Nice weather contraption…and video! I too have a Prusa Mini and use it to print mechanical designs that I’ve created in Shapr3D.
Another source for a variety of gear 3D CAD files is from- McMaster-Carr

I’ve downloaded many in STEP format and have made modifications to suit depending on the project I’m working on. I assume you printed with PLA. Again, nice job.

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Thanks for watching and for the tips with McMaster-Carr - that looks really helpful and I will definitely use some of those in my next project!

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Your weather contraption made it on the Hackaday site. Nice!