Oblivion Drone Project, WIP Started Today

Well, I’ve been playing with Shapr3D a couple of months now and so I decided to try an ambitious project. I’m going make the drone from the movie “Oblivion” and post pictures of my progress here if that’s okay. It will probably take me a fair bit of time to do as I’ve no previous CAD experience (although I do use ZBrush for sculpting), but I’ve gather up enough reference pics from the web to get started today.

I will likely make some mistakes and the more experienced CAD guys here will have better and faster ways to do it, so I’ll appreciate any tips.

So here is todays progress.

I decided to do the main body sphere, side covers and guns etc. one side at a time and then mirror the parts over to the other side. So here I’ve did the left side, shelled it and used an ellipse mirror up and extruded through in four places around the body edges. These form the vents for the drone.

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Result of that here.

I used the remainder of the initial 1/4 circle I’d made for the body half, to make the cover. Extruded/revolved on axis and then I shelled that also.


After shelling, I added a lip to the cover and and a part in the body edge for it to fit into. It rains a lot here in Ireland and our drones would rust in no time if the covers didn’t close snugly :wink:

Then I discovered that in Snapshot mode we can turn off the grid and also the lines on objects.