3D printer hot end


I have really enjoyed the recent video collection showing how to draw an electric motor. Several of the techniques have improved the way I work no end. Inspired I decided to draw the hot end on my new backup 3D printer which is currently waiting for assembly.

The work flow was easy:-
1 Pick the part up and measure it
2 Draw it on the iPad
3 Have a coffee
4 Repeat the cycle

Unlike my other projects there was no creative thought needed because it was just an exercise in drawing. However, I gained a much better knowledge of the way the parts worked together, and in the process developed ideas to improve the cable management on the machine. I now have a very accurate model which I will use to design my own attachments.


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Nice work Paul! In your spare time, maybe an exploded view? Which 3D printer? And how did you get your screen shots in one nice set?

Sorry for all the questions…



Phenomenal :smiley::smiley::smiley:

Thanks Tommy
The printer I have been using is a JGAurora A3 it’s about 2 years old. I have just purchased a second one as a back up which is why I have the parts laying on my bench ready for assembly.
The pictures were set up in reverse. The last picture was taken first then without moving the point of view I turned off the groups in order show the internal details.
It’s an old trick we use when we are showing our clients the drawings of the gardens we install.
I am trying to finish my grandchildren’s dinosaur pavilion at the moment if I get chance I will do the exploded picture after that.
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Interesting; thanks for the explanation.