Best 3D printer

Hello , I am in search of FDM 3D printers for professional use ! Size of the printer should be 400X400mm. Can anyone suggest me the best 3D printer in 2024 ?

You might consider researching the Prusa XL in addition to other large format printers. Although the XL’s bed size is 360mm x 360mm, it is worth looking into. I own 3 Prusa FDM printers (Prusa Mini, MK4 and MK3S- soon to be upgraded to the MK4). Good luck.


I haven’t looked into printers going to to 400x400mm, but I will second @TigerMike ‘s comments about the Prusa machines. I just upgraded to the MK4 and am loving it.

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I too am loving my MK4 which is why I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade my MK3S to the MK4. Also, @Rohan, note that their slicer, Prusaslicer is excellent and quite robust. A Prusa FDM printer + Prusaslicer makes for quite the turnkey system!

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+1 for me also on Prusa, I own a Prusa mini and a Prusa mk4. Happy with both.


Ive never used the newer 3D Printers on this company called Elegoo, I did used to havet here older Npetune 2S 3D Printer but since then theyve came out with tons of newer and nicer ones like the Neptune 4 Max with a build volume of 420 x 420 x 480, Just putting it out there!

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+1 for Prusa also. I have a heavily modified Mini and an MK4. Both printers printed perfectly right out of the box and continue to do so years later, well the Mini at least because I haven’t had the MK4 for a year yet.

I have friends who have Creality and Elegoo printers and all they do is fidget with their printers to keep them printing well. I turn on my Prusa printers, pop in an SD card, walk away and they just work. Not to mention their tech support is the best in the industry and personally, I love their filaments too.


Prusa is not considered a Pro printer. They are a pretty good workhorse, but not pro.

What is your budget? That’s where you need to start. Pro printers start around $4k.

The next question is what do you want to do with it? Consumer FDMs cannot print advanced materials or with precision with repeatability.

You might start here :point_down:

Thank you everyone for your suggestions! I will check out all the 3D printers you have suggested!

Thank you for your suggestion sir . I don’t need a pro 3D printer. I just need a large bed size to print my college projects. And my budget is around 1000$ .

Well then, you are looking for either an Elegoo or Creality. Those will fit your budget. But you will not find a 400mm printer for anywhere near your budget, (assuming you mean build plate size) for $1000.

Prusa XL (360x360x360 build) starts at $1500, but personally I would not buy in just yet without careful review. I’d give them time to mature the design.

Open source, huge fan base and stellar tech support is what Prusa has going for it. Their slicer is top notch too.

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I’m surprised nobody suggested a Bambu. I don’t own one but they get high praise in the blogosphere.

I own a Snapmaker Artisan, which is a jack-of-all-trades/master-of-none manufacturing machine.

I have one and would recommend it for buying but topic caster ask for 400x400 printer then Bambulab is 256x256 only.

That was my observation as well, but since I don’t own one, I felt I couldn’t speak for it myself. I have several FDM printers, but my go to is a FormLabs Form3 resin printer. The laser accuracy produces amazingly accurate components.

I own Bambulab P1S and Anycubic Photon M3 Plus.

The Snapmaker Artisan is 400x400x400, but it ain’t cheap.

If I were to get another 3D printer, it would probably be an IDEX printer so I could do quick and clean dual-material printing (no purge tower needed).

While we’re sharing and telling, here’s mine- long story short.

I first got into 3D printing 3 months after I discovered Shapr3D (Oct, 2018). My first printer is the Lulzbot Taz6 and it is quite the workhorse however slow by today’s standard so to speak. Months later I got the Prusa MK3S. Both used almost daily. Covid hit and during lock-down I bought the Prusa Mini on an impulse buy, a great little workhorse. My MK3S was showing signs of wear and recently got the MK4 (love it). Now I’m in process of upgrading the MK3S to the MK4 (as we speak). I plan to try out multi-material printing and will eventually get the Prusa MMU3 upgrade for the MK4 when it becomes available. And yes, I’ve read great things about Bambu Lab’s printer(s) but for now I’m staying in the Prusa universe.

One other thing, I recently decided to try out resin printing and now have the Anicubic Photon 6k, a nice entry level printer. (Guess my story was longer than I thought.)

I have 3 Bambulab X1C’s in the office printing 24/7 and I would recommend it to everyone but they do not match the 400x400 build volume.

For the budget of 1000$ I would probably be looking into a Creality CR-6 Max. It will not be as fast and user friendly not will it have suck good results and stellar repeatability on all the above as a Bambulab printer but it’s a good printer to start with. I myself have started with an Ender-3 and I could not wish for a better printer to go with at that point and time.


I’ve got a Bambu X1 Carbon and two Bambu P1S, and I couldn’t be happier with them. I use the Sunlu filament almost exclusively, and the number of failed prints are negligible.I also have the AMS on the Carbon, and have had zero problems with it. Also, other than tweaking the infill percentage and a couple of other cosmetic parameters, I don’t even need to touch any other parameters. It just works.

The only negative is the 256mm limitation. I have a suitable workaround for the moment, but I’ll probably get the Prusa XL for the 10% of prints that are around 300mm.


I checked out the prusa 3D printer, but, it is quite slow than other printers ! I want a 3D printer that is fast ! I am ready the compromise the quality of the print !