3D Scan & Subtract in Shapr

Hi there, been actively using shapr the last 2-3 years from my iPad Pro and love it.

I focus on designing upgrade parts for scale model cars to be 3D printed - either more detailed & realistic than what’s available in kits, or specialty parts to help recreate real cars in scale.

My biggest challenge is bodywork - I want to be able to design an item in shapr, which fits directly onto a contoured surface.

At the moment, I import a photo of the cross section and try to mimic, however the contour changes across the plane.

Option 1:
Upgrade the iPad to be Lidar compatible and scan.

Option 2:
Buy a 3D scanner and import.

For both options I believe they mostly export OBJ or STL formats. So not sure how to “subtract” the imported plane from the .shapr plane, to leave me with a piece that fits the imported plane.

Any other ideas or has someone conquered this?

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Hi! I would go with the scanner option. The lidar does not have the precision you need in such a small size (at least my 2020 ipad pro doesn’t).

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Any recommendations of which scanner to aim for? And could I get it into a format to edit against in shapr?

I have a revo pop 2. It is actually a good unit if you learn how to use it. They have a mini for smaller things as well. www.revopoint3d.com To be very honest though, it is a budget scanner, (“good” scanners start around $15,000, so I hear). But it does well for what I use it for. (creating 3d models of people, scanning statues, etc.) Einstar is another one people talk about and seem to like.

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I also have the same confusion. STL files or scanned files can be displayed in Shapr3D, but trimming these files may require some challenges. I have tried converting the formats before.

Would be helpful for me too, to adapt nosepads on glasses without to create a 4th dimensional construction :joy: