LIDAR scanning

How do I scan a room as shown on the YouTube video? On the video it has 5 “buttons” on the top left but I have only 4. It looks that the 5th one is the one for scanning.
Thank you

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Hi, that feature is coming later this year. It will take us sone time to make it production ready.


Wow that’s really woooow!

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What model of iPad pro will this work with

So I totally see the functionality for architectural applications with LiDAR scanning, but will there also be functionality for mechanical based projects i.e. “high resolution” object scanning (simplest idea that comes to mind is a scanning a chess piece or bicycle frame)?

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Yes, we are super excited about that too, but with the current APIs it’s not possible. But I am pretty sure that at some point it will be possible, because the sensor is capable of much more.


A little nitpick here but between inclusion in the Apple commercials and several YouTube videos but not being available in the app is profoundly misleading.
So, I’m coming at this from the standpoint of 3D Printing parts. I’d been on the fence on different 3d scanners until I saw that commercial and a couple demonstration YouTube videos.

I immediately went off and ordered the latest iPad hoping to take some time off my STL file generation times and came here to find this post. Disappointed it isn’t in beta or something - this feature is going to be a gamechanger for us.


I totally understand. We had no control over what goes into the video unfortunately. Sorry about the confusion.

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No worries - you are so far ahead of every other design app of this kind the Lidar import is just one more reason we are all here. Thanks again!


Well it did have an disclaimer at the end of the video :stuck_out_tongue:

The USDZ export is just as exiting though. Especially for us who probably won´t get the lidar scanner before Iphone 12 or the next generation Ipad Pro.
My Ipad Pro 2018 is still a beast and the battery still holds. :slight_smile:
Will you make a iphone scanner app too? So you can scan with the iphone 12 and edit it on the ipad pro?

Ah, yeah we saw a different video entirely. Oh well. It’ll happen in time I guess.