5.560 seems to have hosed my project

This is opening it for the first time after updating:

Yesterday before updating, it looked more like this:

Making a copy and seeing if I can fix missing references before trying to roll back to the last version.

Can’t open the file in 5.551 anymore, of course.

Fortunately I had another somewhat-recent copy of the file.

Here it is in 5.551:

And in 5.560, with no other changes made:

Even moving back super-far in the history in 5.560 leaves missing elements missing (as though they’ve been erased from history), which, I’m assuming, is the reason for the misalignments and other chaos, since the missing parts were pretty pivotal to the creation of other bodies.

The missing parts are pretty complex, created from the “wrapping a sketch around a cylinder” method posted elsewhere on this forum. I can PM the 5.551 .shapr file if needed.

Hi @justin, could you submit the files exported from both Shapr3D versions via a support ticket?

Done. Support Request #93594. I couldn’t seem to upload the files (took too long and timed out), so I sent a dropbox link with both.

That’s very impress work Justin. I hope the support crew can help you to recover it.

Thanks, they did! The latest update fixes the bug.

Now to figure out supports for printing this damn thing.

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