A 'different kind' of New Features?

  1. Please can a feature, that is available on the Apple App Store Site within the Shapr3D pages, be added to this Forum.

The feature in question is Version History [VH].

Most Users probably do not have any reason to visit the particular page mentioned on a regular basis and it would be more convenient and useful for this valuable information to be more readily available.

Recently in:


the last VH update had gone unnoticed and as a result incorrect information was imparted in good faith.

  1. Please consider the possibility of Archiving or segregating older Threads.
    Fairly recently a ‘Summer Sale’ was resurrected and possibly gave rise to excitement and then much disappointment when it was found to be 3 years old.
    S3D is absolutely top class regarding updates and development and much of the ‘old information’ in the Forum is no longer relevant. It seems reasonable that careful selection of defining points could be used to help ensure that newer users can home in on relevant information?

  2. As a frequent visitor to this Forum I have become used to clicking on the New and Unread Threads and/or Posts when these are available at the top of the page.
    Increasingly it seems that some ‘new to me’ items are not included, these particular items being revealed only after significant trawling. Is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong?

Makes total sense. We should communicate new feature releases much better.

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