Ability to turn off in-viewport menu items

Once a user knows how to use the app, in-viewport menu items mostly get in the way.

Please enable non-novice users to disable these.


Which one do you mean exactly? Visualization & 2D Drawings?

How do they get in the way?

Those menu items exist within the workspace viewport, with a z-index of infinity. This means that if I am using a tool and I need to use that tool within a location within the viewport that exists “behind” one of those menu items, I either accidentally make a menu selection with my mouse, or I am forced to change the camera position. For users familiar with the app, neither of the menus shown in the question above needs to be visible.

Got it, thanks – they can indeed be in the way in that case. We are working on a design that’d make them smaller and less in the way on desktop platforms.

Out of curiosity, what do you typically use to access these tools if not the side menu?

I typically use the keyboard. ie. starting to type the name of the menu item I need “mir…” > “Mirror”.

Note that the “keyboard menu” could be improved to put commonly used commands that start with that letter combination in first place in preference to others. eg. “Sp…” > “Split” and NOT “Create Spline” because I almost never use “Create Spline” or used “Split” last time.