New folder system

Finally getting the hang of the new folder system, the one thing that I find a bit difficult though is when engaging the folder or objects is it intentional that the user is no longer able to move and View in different angles?

I do notice you have a search icon for each object , I suppose that is intended instead of having the ability to change orientation?

The folder window seems to take up a large portion of UI.

Thank you for your feedback on the updated Items feature. We’ll keep improving this feature and I will pass on your feedback to our development team. For the items window taking up a large portion of the workspace, you can view Items in a modal or docked permanently on the side of your screen. Switch back and forth between these views with the help of the Pin in the bottom left corner.
Objects can be selected on the items window and then you can move the workspace around to view in different angles using the finger gesture(moving the grid around using one finger).
Here’s the link to our great short article on how to navigate the Items window:

I had the same problem too, some of the settings for viewer have been put in the cube menu, see below: