Access to Items list during operations

I’m finding it more challenging than it should be to perform certain operations due to the Items list being completely disabled while using a multi-step tool.

For example, suppose I want to select edges to project onto a construction plane. The plane is close to the model so I have to hide it to reach the edges (you can see through planes but you can’t select through them, confusingly). So I hide the plane, click Project, select my edges, and then go to click the plane in the Items list to select it as the projection target — whoops, I can’t do that, Items is disabled. Ok, can I unhide it so I can select it in the canvas? Nope, disabled means disabled. You can’t even show or hide stuff.

I can select edges and unhide the plane before clicking Project, but then if I missed an edge I have to start over from scratch (cancelling clears the selection — nearly everything clears the selection — but that’s a separate frustration).


  • Whenever there is a prompt to select something, it should be possible to tap or click an eligible item in the Items list instead of just on the canvas. (Disabling all but the eligible items would be even better.)
  • Showing and hiding should never be disabled, even for items that are not currently eligible for selection.
  • During tool prompts, it should also be possible to hide an item that’s selected (or has parts selected), without deselecting it. Sometimes you have to do that to get to the rest of the things you’re trying to select.

Nothing is more frustrating than feeling like an app’s UI is arbitrarily preventing me from doing something I know it can do, and this limitation makes certain kinds of selections difficult or impossible. Please consider prioritizing a fix. I love Shapr, but this is a constant hindrance.


This has annoyed me a few times too.