Accidental arcs

I have been having this issue lately while I try to make a straight line the fricking arc snaps on and only thing to do is to undo and make the line again because it doesnt go back to straight line but completely deletes what you just draw. Is there a way to disable arcs completely because this is extremely frustrating. Maybe make it on separate tool completely because I don’t see why it should be on the line tool anyways? Or a way to simply disable it when you absolutely dont need it.

I could also call this a bug because I noticed it when I was trying to model a house in 1:1 scale. Longer straight lines are really hard to draw without this arc thing happening all the time.

Hey Pepe!

I’m just a user but I thought I’d chime in and ask a few things. My hands are shaky and sometimes this happens when using the pencil because shaking the line turns it into an arc, and vice versa. If you find yourself with an arc, attempt to shake the pencil with the tip still touching the screen and it will turn back into a line. It’s harder to control if your hands are shaky I’ve noticed. I believe they should add a sensitivity meter or something in the future because the arc change on shake is really touchy and hypersensitive. Anyway, you’re not the only one. I have been successful placing my palm down when I draw a line and that seems to help, though I don’t know why.


I would like to see a separate icon/button for arcs, rather than combining it with straight line.

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This is the best suggestion I’ve heard in years!!


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Yes please, make it a button.

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