Account log-out

It happened twice already that I found my account logged out from the app when I launch it, which is not a big deal, but twice I had to go through the basic tutorial of 10 slides before I can start working again…. So my request is simple… add a kill switch for that tutorial because enough already :wink:
And why the app is logging me out for no reason?

Thanks for your reply.


If you log in on the welcome screen, the tutorial is skipped, so you don’t have to go through it.

Are you on the latest app version? We had a bug which logged out users accidentally, but it’s supposed to be fixed for a while now. The other reason could be if the device is offline for a long period of time, the user gets logged out, this is for better security.

Hi, I’m at the last version, iPad didn’t left the house and I did not close the app either…. This morning I was in… this afternoon I was logged out. Once I logged in I had to go through the tutorial.

In that case, please contact Support through so they can investigate what could have happened.

Thank you!

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