Why am i forced into a walk through guide everytime i log in?

Sorry for the caps lock, but this is kinda super annoying :slight_smile:
I switch between my ipad mini and my ipad pro. But often (if not everytime) i log in between the tablest I am suddenly forced to go through a long walk through of how the app works. It doesn´t seem like I can exit this at all.

Is this a safety feature to keep people from sharing their account? If so, well played. But please fix this for us who jump between multiple tablets like the «big and cluncky Ipad pro 12,9» and the tiny super portable Ipad mini.

I actually used the ipad mini connected to a huge Dual70 cisco room system the other day. Showing off Shapr3d and Cadmio models I´ve made.
The ipad mini combined with Shapr3d is pure genius in design meetings. It doesn´t get more portable than that :slight_smile:

Since the lates version you don’t have to complete the onboarding, just log in on the welcome screen.