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Hi, I´ve started to use Shapr3d education, have watched many videos (thanks for that;-)), but have now encountered a problem I can´t solve. I understand there should be the possibility to add files (screws for example) or images, but in my version there is no such button. I can only add drawings which is not much help for me. Have I understood it wrong or am I making mistakes? I don´t get it. Any help would be appreciated. Gerald

Have you saved any STL files into iCloud? Once there, you use in import icon up at the top, and then select the file you saved. Alternatively, if you went to, and selected an item, then downloaded the STEP file, you can choose to save it somewhere, or import it directly into Shapr3D. Here is a short video of a screw I imported from McMaster-Carr. iCloud

I´m not using iCloud, I´m working with Microsoft. Does that make any difference? I think what´s confusing me is that there is no add-> image button. I´ve managed to add images to my sketches via Import. It always seems to so easy in the videos, but then… Anyways, thanks for every answer. Its not making me dumber I´d say.

It doesn’t matter where you save it. One Drive, Google, iCloud, thumb drive. iCloud

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If you work with the Windows version, what exactly do you miss? If I need some (small) parts (like bolts and nuts) I usually go to [Free CAD Designs, Files & 3D Models | The GrabCAD Community Library], download and import it into Shapr. You have to keep an eye on the file-format you use (to download), but Shapr already supports a lot of them.
I use the Windows-Version too, however, most of the time I work with the the version on my iPad. Here, I have bought ‘FE File Explorer’, create a link to a share on my NAS and voila - I can import any part (or image) into Shapr this way.

Thanks for your help. I´m only missing the “add image button”. In the tutorials Justin clicks on add, then he can choose between image, file and other options. I have only the drawing option here. That confused me, but now I´ve managed to “import” pictures and even screws etc. All good for the moment. :+1:

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