New version: Shapr3D 2.1

Shapr3D 2.1 is here.

Release highlights:

  • image import! You can import images to your workspace, and sketch on them
  • UI tweaks: better visibility of UI elements, especially when the buttons are over a shape
  • minor tweaks and improvements

We have also updated our website’s tutorial section, check it out:

Coming next: colors :wink:

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Also, read more about this update here:

Hi Istvan,

The image import is great - this make a real difference to achieving the subtleties of form that I want to replicate from my drawings.

Many thanks


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Hi Istvan and team, thanks! for doing a great job on the image import. My initial experiment was to trace an image with curvilinear and straight lines. The constraints were also very helpful. I know my sample choice was very simple however I am pleased with the result.


The import image from iCloud doesn’t work for me. The .jpg image I am trying to add is grayed out. I also tried adding through airdrop directly through the iCloud app and that just sends me to a splash page saying that is a pro feature. I thought even the free version could use image import. This actually used to work for me until the 2.2.3 update…

Are you sure it is iCloud? Is it possible that you are trying to import from google drive?

Image import is a paid (pro) feature. If you could import images as a free user before, it was probably a bug.

So iCloud import is a paid feature now even though it’s not labeled as such in the options?

Only the image import is a pro feature. You can import any other file (step, iges, or .shapr) from iCloud.