Adding or removing point when editing spline

Hi Team,

How to add or remove point when editing splines or any curve?


Hi, I’m also trying to change spline point from bezier (smooth tip) to ‘point’ (pointy tip), the one similar in vector app. Is this possible with Shapr3D?

Hi Iman

I’m not a team member, I see nobody answered you after a day! so my apologies if not being that eligible to answer you but you could follow the vids below; those are very easy to do;

Removing a point from a spline:

Addition of a point on a spline:


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Hi @hamedtopic,

Thank you, it help a lot. It’s very simple once we know it. So we simply choose the point and delete it on the left side button. While to add, just press firmly (just like when you create new splines) and new control point is added.
But it seems that we can’t do this on circle, arc, rectangle, or other defined shapes? Only on the splines we created previously.

How about to move one of the arm of the control/bezier point to make it a pointing/sharp curve or to make it smooth (move both arms of control point)? Am I missing another clue here?


Thanks to Joseph for helping us all out…



I don’t understand your ultimate intention on this, there is not any point on the perimeter of those shapes to be removed from and also you can add any point on the perimeter of a curve, circle or triangle by simply joining a guiding line to your desired point (location) or two lines to trim a part of perimeter as follows:

Could you please show this by a vid or an image?! It’s not so clear what you mean.

Thanks Tommy, you’re a great advisor


Hi Joseph,

Thank you again for sharing the video. It is useful trick which I should be able to use. I’m actually just want to reconfirm that we can’t do this or if I missed another tutorial for this app.
On the arms of points, I guess I’m just used to use vector app and hope to be able to do the same in Shapr3D. Below is screenshot of what I’m trying to do.

image image


I think this is impossible with the current capabilities of the app, otherwise Shapr3D team could put us right on possible features.

You can’t separately control the tangency in two directions. You can however create several connected spline segments (each with 2 control points) to achieve what you want.

Dear Joseph & Istvan,
Thank you for your respond. I will just getting familiar with the app. Every shape that I need should already can be covered with current tool. :slight_smile:

This really is a deal breaker for me (not being able to separate tangents) !
Could you please carefully explain / visualize the alternative way you mention !
(or point to some existing tutorials that explains it)

I mean that you can simply create it with 2 splines.

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