Adding points to splines

I was once able to press on an existing spline with the Apple Pencil to add a control point. Now I get the area selection UI instead (actually the press-and-hold timer for activating it). I’ve tried tapping, pressing, holding, not holding, selecting the spline first, not selecting it, dragging along the spline and then pressing harder, doing all of the above at all different speeds, using a trackpad instead… nothing at all seems to work. What’s the current method for adding control points?

(Adding points while creating a spline gives me no problems; I just can’t add more afterward. If I had to pick one or the other, I’d rather be able to add control points than have area selection via Pencil.)

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Need better spline tools: add nodes. decrease nodes, smooth nodes, apply symmetry to a node. convert 2 node points to a line, etc. Drawing splines should be a little more powerful that it is.


Some of those exist already: you can delete nodes, and you can apply a symmetry constraint between two nodes and a line. And adding nodes used to be possible. But yes the other stuff would be nice too.


It’s possible to add points to the spline, as long as you are using the “fit” setting, and the sketch pen is active. Please make sure the created spline also used the “fit” setting.


Ah, thanks. I didn’t realize that splines could be of different types depending on which method was used to create them. Also, I think part of my problem was that it kept switching to the Line/Arc tool when I thought I was using the Spline tool. It would be nice to have a preference to always keep the last-used tool when objects are deselected.

We are improving on when to keep the sketch pen active, then we won’t drop them like we do now, which hopefully get rid of issues like this. :slight_smile: Expect it in a few weeks time.

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Agreed, we need better spline tools. I can’t imagine why Shapr3Ds spline tools aren’t at least as good as in common illustration and graphics software. For example, why can we add points to existing fit splines but NOT to control splines? That seems like a strange choice. You can easily spend a long time drawing a spline to get your shape just right and then realize that you need another point. Nope, you have to start over. Why intentionally cripple the control spline function this way? You might think, well, the control spline is new and they didn’t think of it, or they haven’t gotten around to it. They’ll add it soon, right? Nope this has been the situation since I started using Shapr a year and a half ago.

We’re told that Shapr3D is “the most intuitive CAD app”, but I’m failing to see how this situation with control splines is intuitive. Shapr team: please get the basic drawing tools right before moving on to higher-level features. Thank you.