Attempting to model a house (eventually!)

Hey guys.
Wondering wondering if anybody can help?

I’ve been a sketch up user for a long time, and I’m currently trying to expand my portfolio by building another house in 3-D.

This time I want to do it on Shapr3D because it’s mobile and easy to use.

You can check out some of my work already online but I am looking for help with trying to duplicate some geometry.

I’m trying to create three pieces of supporting wood in a stair banister.

I’d like to do it accurately and evenly if possible.

I have a short video to explain. Would anyone mind staking a look for me?

Highly greatful. Many thanks. Phil. New Shapr3D user from the UK.

Please feel free to check out my previous sketchup work at:

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Nice work. Try the Pattern tool.

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