Axis cube in visualization

I have been modeling a project and I’d like to show customers the views in visualization. Is there a way to have the axis cube in the modeling view also in the visualization view so that I can move the model about to view from different aspects?

You can’t just move it around?

Why not? I’d love to be able to move it in visualization like I can when in modeling. I hate have to go back to modeling to move and then into visualization.

Sorry, I was asking if you’re having an issue moving it around in visualization?

I just touch my iPad screen and move it around.
If you’re on a Mac or PC, you should be able to move your cursor to move it.

16in MacBook Pro M1Max.

Sure I can move it, but I want to be able to rotate it like I can in modeling and view at any angle.

It must a limitation on the Mac/PC versions. It shows up on the iPad version.

You can access it from the View menu, and also with keyboard shortcuts.

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That’s fine for standard view angles. I’d like a way to view it like when I’m in modeling mode. I can click on an edge, face or corner of the small cube in the upper right and move the object about through any angle.