Bug Report

While I was testing import and export of DXF files, this happened.
I dont know the steps to reproduce.

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Thanks for the report - on our bug list and will address it in upcoming releases

Magnet window isn’t showing all options, and no scrollbar :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing - Strange, it works for me. To investigate further can you please share the following things:

  • specs of your Mac
  • a step-by-step on how this situation came about

Hi again.
I work on to different macs.

  • iMac late 2017 3.4GHz quad‑core Intel Core i5 / 8 GB RAM / Radeon Pro 570 with 4GB of VRAM
    This is where the issue is.

  • MacBook 2017 1,2 GHz duo core Intel Core m3 / 8 GB RAM / Intel HD 1,56 GB VRAM
    Not having the issue.

Issue appearing when clikcing on magnet symbol.

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Hi again.
This is probably not a bug. It’s merely a wish:
Working on home office and business office with two different macs, I need to export (save) to desktop to continue work on different location. iCloud handles this well as long as file is saved outside the software.

When saving (exporting) my work, I have to name the file before moving on. Then I first have to find the previous file to get the name correct for overwriting. A standard “save to” window is therefore on my wishlist. That way I can just go to correct folder and click on the filename to adopt corret name for overwriting.

I think this issue will mostly be solved by the sync feature, where you will be able to access the same designs on all the devices you use :slight_smile: No need to go to save anymore unless you want to specifically save something to a given folder.