Bug: Tapping in History Panel forced “Select” functionality

Firstly, this issue has resolved itself, but I want to report it anyway.

Last night and part of this morning I experienced an issue where tapping on any item in the History navigation pane had the effect of selecting the history item (same as if I had Select enabled in the upper right of the Pane) instead of showing the controls to modify the feature itself. The thing was, I was NOT in the Select mode.

The end result is that I could not modify the actual features using arrows in the main view, I had to expand the history item and make the edits in the text boxes.

I tried manually turning Select on and off, but that didn’t change the behavior. I tried force-closing and re-opening the app, which also didn’t change anything. I tried starting a new drawing, but it had the same behavior in both drawings.

I just now went to try and screen record this and it was back to functioning the normal way, in multiple drawings. The only thing I can think of that I changed this morning was turning Bluetooth and Wi-Fi both on and off, unrelated to trying to solve this.

If this happens again, I’ll grab a screen recording and update this post.

Thanks for the report, very helpful. We’ll look into this.

The issue as described above is happening again this morning. See attached video.

Once again the issue went away. This time, I closed the app for a few minutes and re-opened it from TestFlight (not sure if that actually is related, of course) and now clicking on the History items brings up the edit arrows in the viewport instead of selecting the history item.

Thank you, the recording is super helpful. We are looking into this.

Hi, this happened again after the most recent update (5.473.0 (5872)). I was able to quickly get back to correct functionality by turning off WiFi and Bluetooth and rebooting my iPad. I’m not sure if the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth toggle is actually relevant. If it happens next time, I’ll just reboot and see if that alone fixes it.

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