Bugginess after update

After latest update I notice more bugs. Shift + double click to change view angle, or click and drag to highlight, requires 4+ attempts before finally working.

Also, one thing seems permanent and so maybe a feature and not a bug, but clearly worse than before imo: when I select e.g. a face, and the number comes up representing thickness or whatever parameter, despite the number being highlighted, I can’t just quickly type in a new number as before. Instead, I have to physically click the number every time and only then can I change the number. So the workflow became less seamless than before, with additional steps.

Just my two cents!

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Yeah, I think there may be some sort of bug. I have those same exact issues as of a few days ago.

Thanks for the report. Could you post your exact OS version and the Shapr3D version here and record a short video of the issue with tutorial mode options turned on? If it’s too large to upload here, please send me a DM and I’ll give you a link to upload it to.

We indeed made subtle changes to focus handling, but clicking on a face should still put the input field in focus and the rest of the issues shouldn’t happen either.

If it is anything like what I was experiencing, it would be hard to record, as it happens erroneously, and it has to do with some sort of input delay.

It is happening to me on the latest version of Shapr3D on Mac. Running Sonoma 14.4.1.

Thanks for the info! The rollout of new versions happens gradually and we also have beta users that get certain versions a bit earlier, so it’s usually not a 100% certain which version is “the latest version”, so please always copy the exact version number from “About Shapr3D” or the Settings menu, it helps us a lot when troubleshooting an issue. Thanks!

Version 5.580.0 (6676)

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@dmf92 , are you still experiencing this issue? If so, could you record a short video with tutorial mode options on, along with the exact version number of Shapr3D?