Can I Draw on surface?

I have drawn something in 2D and have extruded it. Can I draw some thing on the face of it after it is extruded? I want to draw borders around the inside and outside edges and then extrude those to give more detail to the face but I can’t figure out how to do it

You can draw on a surface provided it is flat. Here’s what to do with curved or contoured surfaces.
Construct a plane some distance away from the surface. For reference, you can project the surface to the plane. Now sketch on the plane and afterwards you can project it back to the surface. Now you can extrude to your liking.

For borders- after you project the surface to the plane, you can use the Offset (Loop) to create an inner border.

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Thank you. Do you know if there are any videos anywhere teaching us how to use these tools? I’ve never used any of the tools you’ve mentioned.

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I’m sure there are video tutorials available. It would be under Sketching and maybe something with the Project tool.

Here’s an example of sketching on a flat surface. I use the iPad version so I double tap on the surface and it becomes the plane on which one can sketch. For the curved surface I made a construction plane above the curve and projected rectangle of the curve. Then I sketched a couple of rectangles and projected them back on the curve. Now you can extrude on the curve surface. Hope this helps.

Thank you for taking the time to do that. I was trying to follow which buttons you were clicking but it was too fast. I’ll study it and try to figure it out. I also use my iPad and Apple Pencil so im hopeful I can figure it out.

Any idea how I can print this new extrusion in a different color? I know that’s probably more related to the slicer than this program but was curious if you knew whether there was a way to set the print to pause and beep or something when it’s time to start printing that next layer so I can change colors. I use prusa slicer (I understand if you don’t know. I can ask in a more appropriate forum).