Can’t get started even when carefully following the tutorial videos!

I’ve been watching the video tutorials and only got as far as ‘Finalize sketch’ when I’ve hit yet more problems that I cant resolve.At this rate it’s going to take months to get to beginner level with loads of help requests!
In the ‘finalize sketch’ video he draws 3 circles in 3 vague areas. Yes, done that then he puts the pen on the centre point of the first one and moves it to the origin, looks so easy. No that doesn’t work for me!
I try everything unlocking it, locking it etc. It only produces either a line or a circle or highlights the surface. So I delete it and on a new drawing I put the first circle on the origin, the draw the other two circles. I put in the 10mm radius for each one, that all works.
Then I lock the position of the first circle and set the distance between them, copying exactly what was shown on the video.
But the first circled that was LOCKED ON THE ORIGIN moves away from the origin.
This is ridiculous, it all looks so easy and intuitive on the video.
I’m really trying to learn this, but when I’m following instructions to the letter and it still doesn’t work it just makes me want to give up!

Hi Edward, we are more than glad to assist you through the learning journey. We can better understand the issue and detect what might have gone wrong if you send us a screen recording showing the issue as locked sketches should not be displaced from their locked points. I guess it’s easier to send us screen recordings via email and you can reach us anytime you encounter an issue via while you try to get more acquinted with the app. We will respond as soon as possible :slight_smile:

“…It only produces either a line…” - you have to select the point first, then you get the arrow controls which you can drag to move. Does it help?