Can‘t union 2 bodies together, Boolean operation failed


I’m trying to edit a dice that I downloaded from thingiverse. I copied the whole body and tried to replace one side to have two identical values. They overlap perfectly but still can’t merge together. If I move one body slightly to the side, the union is successful but it doesn’t look like a dice anymore.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
I have a video of it but am not allowed to upload it as I’m a new user…

Hi @Matt83 Welcome to the Forum
If the Dice are not very special it is possible to quickly create what you need using S3D.

To produce this I ‘created’, and used a Cube already available in a Design then used the Hide feature to display only the Cube.
Marking the Dice requires only a Quick Sketch that an be replicated to present the Number required.
This took a few minutes, even if it took 30 minutes it is time well spent sharpening Sketching skills.

I am not suggesting that you should abandon the solution required.
A Search of the Forum may reveal answers to your question or someone may chip in to help.

Happy S3Ding

Thanks for your answer. I already designed my own dice, but they have some flaws and maybe you can help me with that?! :slight_smile:

I wanted to create a dice with rounded edges, so I made the cube with 15 mm edge length, created a sphere with 10.61mm radius so the edges of the cube and the sphere are crossing exactly in the middle. Then I highlight both bodies and just keep the intersection. My question now is: how do it allign both bodies, that they are centered in 3d? I just moved back and forth with the sphere but it’s not perfect at all.

And also how do I order the little spheres, that I use to subract from the flat surface of the dice to carve out the point values, that they evenly spaced. For 3 they need to be diagonally, for 4 all parallel, 5 all parallel and another point right in the middle of these.
I hope you understand what I mean :slight_smile:

Thanks in Advance, Matt

Note click on the ScreenShots to enlarge them.
Form a 15mm Cube and Tap with your Finger on one Face:

On the last image above create your layout appropriate to the Number required on that Face.
For simplicity and speed #4 has been chosen the ‘dimples’ are 4mm diameter.
Divide each Circle with a Line as shown
Tools > Revolve Tap on the lower half of 2 Circles, choose the upper or lower pair, as shown.
Then Tap on the centre Line of one of the chosen Circles.
Tap on the 360º Label and Change it to 180º.
Repeat with the remaining pair of Circles.
For you own confidence Tools > Color and slide the Transparency, far right centre, to expose the Half Spheres:

Select ALL the Edges of the Cube as shown.
Then drag the double Ended Arrow outward to 15mm or type in 15mm as you wish, experiment with this dimension it is free and fun:

Tools > Subtract to be Subtracted From > Select/highlight the Cube > Next > Select/highlight the 4 Half Spheres. These Selections are best carried out in Items.
If you work with Items open while Designing you will become aware of the ‘naming’ of your individual creations. Anything Selected/Clicked On in Items will highlight on the Design:

At this point you have one of the 6 Faces needed for the finished article.
Repeat the above 5 more times using the appropriate Numbers.

However it is a good idea to think about the possibilities of Copying, say #3 then delete the 2 ‘dimples’ furthest from the centre to leave #1. Or perhaps add a #1 to a #4 to get #5. The possibilities are not endless but certainly worth consideration.