Cannot Project Face onto another Face

Attempting to project a rectangular face (of a cube) onto a curved face fails in the latest beta. I can however successfully do this in the stable version of Shapr3D.

This worked a few weeks ago, but now doesn’t seem to work- likely after the 5.490.0 or 5.491.0 updates.

I cannot project face of cube onto face of cylinder in 5.500 beta or production.

Neither can I, v5.500 on the iPad Pro.

Thanks for the report, we’re investigating it. It does not seem to be the case with all cylinders or curved faces though, so we are now trying to narrow the issue down further.

I am happy to report that we managed to find the root cause and the bug is now fixed in the latest builds. The fix just missed the “release train” for the very next user-facing release but will be out in the subsequent one in ~2.5 weeks.


Thank you for instigating. I can submit a design that is failing, if that would help.