When projecting, is it possible to create a separate body of the projection?

Hello! I’m using Shapr3D on an iPad Air. Something that has been an issue for me, several times, is that when projecting a shape into a body, and extruding said shape , it doesn’t create its own body, as it just becomes part of the body it was projected at. This is no issue when it’s something being projected to a flat surface, since the workaround is to extrude outside and then move to the surface, or add a plane and cut where they meet. But neither of those are the case when it’s a curved face, since I need the new projected body to have the curve of the main body.

TLDR: How can I project something into a curved surface and extrude it into its own body instead of joining the body being projected to?

Thanks !

Have you tried using the Replace Face tool? If I understand your problem correctly, that’d do the exact same thing you’d need: match the faces of the two bodies.

Thanks for helping ! In essence that works, but now when I tried I noticed that a new issue arises. Now the outer part of the shape I projected doesn’t have the curve like the inner part. What would be the workaround to this ?

If I may add, the workaround would be to make a copy of the part created that has the curved surface. Move that new copy away from the original and do a Subtract. After that you can delete the temp copy.