Can't find the share button

Hi all ,

I’m a newbie to Shapr3D and I just finished my first tutorial .
All went very well and I wanted to export my sketch to some kind of image/3D model .
I need to push on the “share button” on top , but I can’t find the button …

I have a Pro subscription .

Any hints or tips ?


I assume you are using Shapr3D on desktop. On the desktop platforms simply click File>Export.

Hi ,

Thanks for the reply .
Indeed , I’m using it on desktop .
Tried file>export before , it doens’t support any image format .


Hey Kenny, keep in mind that our Windows version is only early access, meaning that we don’t yet feature our Visualize and Screenshot tools on Windows devices.

We’re actively working on bringing our Visualization tool to Windows though, so make sure to keep an eye out for our updates.