Can't select `Sketch` drill down

This happens to me quite often. For some reason, I cannot select the Sketch button. I can see it knows I am touching it but the draw options do not appear. Other buttons work as shown here.

To recover I kill the app and come back in and then it works until it stops.

I’ve had that happen too. In fact, it also happens from time to time trying to export or even exit the workspace- meaning any button selection. I too have to leave the app, remove from background and restart. I shall remember to record a video next time.

Why is there a red dot by the wheel. Looks like a finger touch?

Good question about the red dot. I was not touching the screen there. Next time it happens I will look for that to see if that maybe a cause of the issue.

I know how to reproduce getting the top buttons into a state where they stop working. But I am not sure what causes the “sketch button” issue. It is odd that all other buttons continue to work.

This just happened to me again. I do not see a “stuck” red touch this time. I tried most of the other buttons this time too and everything else appears to be working.

Have you tried selecting something then hitting sketch?

I think so. But will give that a try next time it happens… Thanks for the tip.

Hi @Yepher !

What do you do before this happens? From the result I have no luck reproducing it so far :frowning:

I can reproduce the steps to make the top buttons stop working and sent those steps to support a while back.

I am not sure what the steps are to make the sketch button stop working. Usually, when it happens I am doing a lot of moves and rotates and switching between sketches. I feel like there is some combination of having selections and touching the background to “unselect all” and getting into this state. I’ve not tried to find a set of reproducible steps but I will give it a try and let you know if I figure them out.

I would estimate that if I use the app for 1.5 hours it will happen at least once.

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Thanks for the help!

The top buttons are already getting fixed, it was easier to figure out the problem there.