Cant subtract shap from an impoorted mesh anymore

Since this morning I cant subtract an object created in shapr3d from a imported STL file.
Yesterday it worked perfectly, now I needed to resize the shapr3d object as I use as cutting tool and it now refuses to work and this is not the first time this happens, I get the feeling the subtract tool is a bit buggy sometimes or maybe just unpolished, same with a couple of other tools(loft and sweep) and it really frustrates me as I more or less rely on these tools for my design process.

Anyone have tips and tricks for getting the subtract tool to work consistently?

These kind of bugs/unpolished behavior in the tooling has actually made me cancel my auto renew of my license as I dont hink these issues should be in a premium product at a premium price, I dont know if I have the wrong perception for who shapr3D is intended for but right now it is quite frustrating to work with sometimes.

Dont get me wrong I love the software but at the price point it honestly expect more.


Could you contact our support team at and provide the workspace in .shapr format? We would like to investigate the issue.

Usually the problem is, that at some point in the model, a 0 thickness face would be generated, which isn’t supported, but we would need to see the model to know for sure.