Capture sketch at constrtuction plane

It would be very useful to capture sketch lines where a body intersects with a construction plane for the purpose of making features for bodies.

For 1 example making a holster for a tool like a impact driver.

In this design I cut the body using the plane and revolved a feature at the edge of the lower body, then added the bodies back together again… which is workable, but not as handy as capturing the sketch lines would be.

Sounds like a big ask but it would be handy.

Exporting sketch plains with sketches to use in other designs might be handy too.

I didn’t know we could cut bodies with a plane.

Here’s a fun fact. You don’t need to use a construction plane to split a body. Just a planar surface.


What did you click in the menu to do that Mike? The video is too fast for me to catch what your pen clicks onto.

I clicked on Split Body before selecting the target body.

Thanks Mike.