I love designing in Shapr3D but am struggling to export the elements into 2D CNC software, e.g. CarveCo. What’s the best process? I couldn’t find anything here or via Google…

Many thanks in advance!

Hi @Rolf,
Please tell us a bit more about the problem. What happens when you export, do you have any issues with the export flow or the exported content?

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Peter, I will venture to guess this is the same issue I have when exporting files to contractor CNC machines. The only DXF files that work, are those that are exported from the top view only. And side views, end up placing lines on top of lines, and the files fail to upload. You can test this issue by exporting a DXF from the top, side, front, etc., to A similar comment was made the other day using Once I translate all views to the top view, everything works fine. It is more than one of my suppliers, so I believe there’s an issue here. I’ve worked around it, but translating all views to the top. Tom

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My guess would be absolutely the same, but who knows. Apart from the applied drawing plane, it could be feedback about the current export flow too.


Thanks both, that’s exactly what I’ve done now. Only issue is that all the depth information is lost so at the moment I create 2D drawings with the dimensions I then use when working in CarveCo in 2D.