Concept: Programable Numpad with Oled keys

Just for practice, I made this programable numpad with oled keys. It´S to be used as a keyboard shortcut tool for shapr3d :wink:
It´s kinda like the Stream Deck from Elgato.

I made it using shapr3d, Affinity Designer and Reality composer.

I might have gone overkill with the oled keys:) A simpler version with just a nice layoud and key combinations that could cover most functions and tools in shapr3d.


This was mostly just as a design exercise.

But do anyone know of a good programable Keypad (with or without display) that could work well with the ipad pro and shapr3d?

Mapping key combination to most shortcuts and have a full numpad layout for dimensions input.

image image

Neat! Nice modeling and animation.

Don’t know a suitable numpad though, will let you know if I pass by something that matches.