Ipad / or Mac pro laptop


I am a total newby to Shapr3d, but I have used other CAD packages for years, especially Solid Works.

From all the Cloud based packages, I want to start journey with Shapr3D.

My big question:
I want to get off the right foot, hence I want to tap off your experiance.
What is the best set-up for use?

I have an Ipad Pro (2021) with the apple pen and also the apple keyboard with touch pad. / Then I also have a 13” Macbook Pro (M1), obviously with touchpad and an apple mouse.

In limited time I have to start designing telescopes, which is quite a daunting task, as I 1st need to get used to the software.

What do you guys find is your most ease of use set-up? Ipad with pencil and ipad apple keyboard, / or MAc pro with apple mouse?

Looking forward to hear your experiences.

Hi Nico,

My neighbour and me tried some different setups to use shapr.

We tried to run it on a windows pc with standard keyboard and a 3d mouse:
→ the experience was not the same like use AutoCAD or other cad programs.

We tried to run it on an 27“ IMac with with apple mouse and apple keyboard:
→ it gives us an very bad experience. The controls are very bad.

Now we use shapr on iPad Pro (Me on iPad Pro 2021 and my neighbour on iPad Pro 2022) with apple pencils and sometimes with apple keyboard to use hotkey features.

We think this is the best setup to use shapr.

Hope its helpful for you.

I’m sorry to hear that. What was the issue?

Hi there!

Thanks so much for your response.
I really appreciate it. I have today started to use my Ipad Pro with pencil en keyboard. It does take time getting used to simple things, like panning, drawing lines… etc. The margins are fine between tapping, selecting and starting to draw a line.

My next challenge is going to be differentiating between parts / assemblies and making drawings from. :slight_smile:

iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard for me!

iPad Pro with pencil for me just can’t be topped.


I prefer iPad and Apply Pencil, but I get along fine with my MacBook Pro’s multitouch trackpad.

I really enjoy using it on my Mac Mini with a Space mouse. On desktop you can set your control preference to align the keys to other program defaults (i.e. Fusion, Solidworks etc) so coming from you can make it easier on yourself if you prefer.

I like using touch/pencil on iPad too. Since i’m used to the default shapr3d control scheme they map well to the ipad keyboard and this works for me too but mostly its muscle memory. If your muscle memory is Solidworks, try desktop with controls remapped to match.

I use an iPad with a pencil. I have not been able to use the Mac version to draw anything worthwhile.

Why is that? The feature set and the UI is the exact same, so I assume you didn’t like the keyboard&mouse navigation? Have you tried the navigation presets?

I’ve tried to use it several times. I think part of my problem is I have some OSX accessibility features enabled that conflict with Shapr3D navigation. For instance this Something besides CTL-Scroll to Zoom

Got it - we have 11 navigation presets, many of them would not conflict with the zoom accessibility feature.

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Hi all,

Thanks so much for all the feedback and sharing your experiences. I am still totally new to Shapr3D, but just this activity between all of you here, tells me that the software is being developed all the time!

I am feeling more and more confident of presenting it for my company. I just need to confirm a few things still, which I will set out in a new topic. :slight_smile: