Constraints from tutorial

Hi All,

Just started using shapr3D.

I am trying out shapr and not have much luck with constraints.
So I tried a tutorial from bevilish
At mark 5.54 I am trying to constrain the model to move the bottom and and side in its offset form. No matter what I do I cannot get shapr follow the tutorial to get to the next step, to move the whole body as a carcass to move in a uniform manner from the the measurment box it will not constrain the object.
I lock the project I unlock I add horizontal and vertical constraints to no avail.
I am on a PC using version ? I downloaded 1 days ago there is no version info in the help.

Bevilish locks the offsets but if I lock them they don’t move.

any help would be great.



Hey Chris,

Upon checking the video, I found that there are a few more things locked in your screenshot than in the video. Please see the screenshot below, where the bottom right point and the center points of the rectangles are shown with white instead of dark colors.

The color of sketch points has a meaning:

  • White points are free to move
  • White points with a dot in them are connected to somewhere
  • Dark dots are locked and cannot be moved.

In the video, only the bottom left corner is marked with dark, so every element of the sketch can be moved freely while the bottom left will stick to the origin. In the uploaded screenshot both the bottom corners and the center point of the two rectangles are locked, which almost locks all the degrees of freedom in the sketch.

Please check the constraints in Bevelish’s video or our manual at:

Thankyou Kpeter for your reply,

When you press measurement I was missing the lock in the calculator type box. So when I selected a side pair then did that on every line to reflect the images in your picture presented I got success.

I was expecting the lock to appear as on option by a simple hover over the the pair but I was wrong on that note.

Thanks for the help ill finish the tutorial now.