Construction Lines in Shapr3d

I am creating a box for pens. I am trying to add details to the box for my clips. When i was testing onshape they had a feature to create construction line that had no bearing on the model and i could constraints to move the guild lines to add feature to my model. Can i do that with Shapr??


Creating the box empty is easy. What i want to do is creating a 6mm construction line attach it to a line and drawn a 1mm circle. I use the 6mm line as guid i snap the circle to and the circle center point to as well. I would get you screen shits but i closed my OnShape account.

You can create as many lines as you like, and then hide them on a sketch plane, as not to interfere with modeling.

I’m super new at this. I’ve been testing several software for the past couple of weeks and decided to pick up Shapr. So I will experiment and see if I figure it out. One of the things I really liked about OnShape was its freedom in the sketching window. A lot of the constraints get locked down. I’ve been fighting against the contraints to pull the line and the circle in the sketch the plane and constrain it to a location.

I think you’ll find Shapr3D very capable. You can change the constraint settings, as well as unlock each line by tapping on the little locks.

I figured it. I am slowly learning the work flow.