How to draw construction lines?

Using F360 and solid works, construction lines are used all the time. I can’t find how to make a line a construction line in S3D.

Hi Hawkeye,

We offer many different options to add construction lines. Please check out the docs here: How do I create a construction axis? – Shapr3D Help Desk

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Okay, but you can’t add sketch dimensions off of that is that correct? The image below, I would like to make it a construction line so that I can add a dimension for how long this tool will be. I think real construction lines should be added.

Hi @Istvan , this idea is a solution to one of the queries I had for you a couple of months back. I confess I haven’t checked lately but possibly the following is still true.

As I intimated the overall dims of a body are often needed in a final drawing. For example “will this irregularly shaped thing fit in my 3D printer” or “what is the overall height of this arched door?” are typical but legitimate questions. At the moment dimensions in drawings do not attach to (in this latter case) the upper horizontal tangent of a curve or to an arbitrary point on a 3D edge.

But allowing the dim to attach to a construction line would solve that.

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You can create construction sketches: