Copy only working for one of 2 objects

I can copy object 1 upwards or object 2. But I cannot copy them both together.
Also if I copy object 1 upwards then I can’t copy object 2 upwards and vice versa.
When I try to copy object 2 past object 1 I get this error ‘operation failed because the resulting body wouldn’t be valid’.
Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @Simon66, welcome to our community!

I have also recreated your issue. When you try to copy extrusions, the framework only lets you to do it until the solid body you are copying on is uninterrupted and unchanged. As there are extrusions present, it cancels anything being copied above that.

You can counter this issue by entering sketch mode and copying the sketch which is driving the extrusion.

Let me know if that worked!

Thanks for checking that out. I did end up doing it in the sketch.
I didn’t realize I could copy in sketch, so I did it manually.
I’ll try copy in sketch next time.
Thanks again.