Create a brooch

Hi, im designing a circular brooch but how do i transform it from beeing flat to like a curved (center is gonna be like raised 5mm while thickness is still even). Sry for bad english.


Hi - can you send a picture?

Hi there, atm i’m just planning/designing in my head and testing how i can create it.

Im gonna make like two medieval brooches with a chain between them. I think of having a solid circular background with ornaments on it (ornaments i hope to import from a .png). The whole brooch have to be slightly “bowly” with the center of the circle a bit elevated.

Is this no go with shapr3d?

thx in advance for the help :slight_smile:

I see, an example would be really helpful. are you creating a body like this?

If yes, you can approach it 3 ways:

Extrude and draft with the Extrude tool.

By lofting two faces together with the Loft tool
Creating a body of revolution with the Revolve


as u can c the center of the brooch is “higher” than the edges while the thickness of the entire brooch is the same.

Leifes, if this is a Blue Sky (you’ve never seen and/or have no prior example), perhaps you should draw a 2D sketch first by hand and/or a 2D program then import it into Shapr.
That way you have an idea by way way of a pic or, well, take as close to a top view image as you can, flatten/skew the image using a photo app, import it into a scaler/vector app, size it then bring it into Shapr.
That may sound like a bit of work but it becomes second nature to folks that steal, errr, are inspired by, hmmm, uhhm, reverse engineer stuff on a regular basis…
Jus say’n


Hi - in this case I would use revolve after I’ve created a profile like this

After this, would go to the top view or create a construction plane ( to set the the grid, and make sure I create the sketches in the right place) to create sketches, which I would then subtract from the body


AH yes thats it. Thx a lot. Im a totally noob when it comes to this but learning every day. But eh… how to sketch in the “third axis”? when i sketch the line ends on the flat ground…

Hi Leifes
Have you consider modelling it traditionally as you would by hand?
The brooch can be easily divided into smaller parts which can be bent into shapes which can be joined together.
Alternatively, if you are going to laser cut it you can bend a flat disk afterwards from the line drawings

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yeah I’m not sure if tin will bend or break. Planning on making a master with shapr3d, 3d print it and then tin cast it with sand.

The above post by “accidental” would be the path that you should follow to create your brooch

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Any chance u can point me to a tutorial regarding importing pictures and Making 3D out of them. Thx a lot in advance.


:slight_smile: hard slow grind is the only tutorial i can recommend.
In this case I’d break it down into repeatable groups:
Create a 2mm cube
Repeat. Extrude down to h.1mm
Place a 1mm radius sphere above this shortened cube
Create a 2mm cube
Create a group out of the above 3 items
Repeat as many as you need.
Alternatively create:
50mm x 2mm rectangle - extrude h: 2mm
50mm x 2mm rectangle - extrude h: 1mm
Fill with 1mm radius spheres
50mm x 2mm rectangle - extrude h: 2mm
Then do similar with semi-circle items to place at the end
etc etc
The main thing is to create simple, repeatable items.


Don’t forget to use the Sweep Tool to create the line you are using for the ‘flyovers’

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is it a way to make that whole image “workable” like a huge face?