New to Shapr3d, how to go about creating this?

Hello all and thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer. Dipping my toes into designing and trying to start with a simple design for a pendant. I created a sketch of the design I want, a wishbone necklace, but am having trouble figuring out how to transition it into a 3D piece.

Extruding creates flat faces on the sides, not ideal. Sweep I can’t quite figure out. I tried creating multiple circles within my sketch and then using loft, but get lost on how to continue at the top of the wishbone shape.

Any advice on how to create this is appreciated and will most certainly help me learn.

Thank you!

draw half of it and use mirror

Here’s an interesting approach. Note that it does not conform to your intended shape at the outer end of the wishbone. The spline sketch was cut where the perpendicular circle sketch meet. After two separate sweeps, I scaled the ends and did a union. Afterwards I used Mirror as @Oregonerd suggested. This method is just something that might work for you.

(Note that I had to unhide the sketch in order to continue with the 2nd sweep.)


It depends on how hard you want to stick to your initial sketch. @TigerMike shows very good example how to make similar form. But if you need to make exactly what you’ve drawn then loft is the only option. Here is very quick try from my side to reproduce your form with loft.

Can be tuned until required result.

Okay, I like the simplified approach @TigerMike, but I do need the exact shape for this sketch.

@Xdrakosha It looks like you lofted one side, and then did you cut it in half down the axis and mirror it? What would be the best way to not have it dip down where the two halves meet in the middle?

Also, I found it quite tough to get the circle sketches to fit exactly within the sketch of the wishbone. I was just creating a circle and resizing until it was close enough, is there a better way to go about adding all the circle sketches within the wishbone sketch?

Thanks all, already immensely helpful!

Yes. But without cut, just union them. You can try to cut it.

There are two approaches precise one require using guide line. Another one just eyeball it :slight_smile:

Will show how I do that in a video a little bit later.

Big file

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This video isn’t final workflow but a series of examples of different approaches. Hope this will teach you something.

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if you use the coincident tool, it is much easier to draw this.
-coincident a circle to the end of diameter on that plane.
-then turn into the circle pont to the midpoint

I use it in this project:

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Hi JST, thanks for the advice, unfortunately I’m not understanding what you mean if you could explain further?

Amazing, thanks so much @Xdrakosha

Hire is, a little rough but I think some similar: