Create a Mobius Strip

Hi all,

I’ve been fascinated with Mobius strips for a while and want to create a Mobius strip in Shapr3D for a project I’m working on. For those that don’t know how it looks, this a Mobius strip:

CAD tools don’t love these strips and often struggle to render, but you can create on one in most tools. With Shapr3D I just don’t know how to do it: At first I thought I could make it with the Revolve tool but that didn’t work out. Then I tried doing it with the Sweep tool (based on this video I watched on another 3d tool), but the Shapr3D sweep tool doesn’t have an angle.

Does anyone how I can achieve this result?

Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hello! Instead of the Sweep tool, please give the Loft tool a try. All you need to do is to place some cross-sections in the modeling space, then they can be lofted together. Please make sure that the cross-sections have the same number of control points to get a proper result.


hi @KPeter_Shapr3D

Thank you so much!! this solved the issue :slight_smile:

Very happy with the result!