Urgent help needed / bending


I’m working with Shapr3D since 3 days now and I need help for this sculpture.

I got a normal Zylinder and I need kinda shaped/circled blades, attached to the Zylinder.

I uploaded a picture where it shows what I need.

Thank you and regards!!

image !

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-Use the project tool, to make a gude line on the cylinder suface

  • draw a small rectangle on the end of the guide line, then sweep
    -You can draw the sweeped cross section on a construction plane at “perp to curve at point”

I hope it help

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I tried to show in the screencast below how you can make the spiral thread around the open cylinder using the Revolve Tool:

I hope this is helpful.

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I did some experimenting for the heck of it … I did the feature with a revolve and some tweaking …


Yes, but it’s not the same as I want. I do not want a full spiral.


Could you show me how to in detail.

If you do not want a full circle spiral, change the revolve angle to 180 after the revolve from the triangle.

Yes but I need this shape like Romulus369 did.

Any way to send him a message? I really need a little video about how to do this.

Sorry my first thing not work exactly.
Herea vid from the revolv

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Yes JST, I tried the sweep and it didn’t work for me … it might in the future if they add a constant feature to follow the path if that makes sense and I’m sure it didn’t :crazy_face:

Anyhooo I used the revolve … I used 360 degrees with 8 revolutions … I trimmed the excess of the revolve feature by using subtraction … I copied the feature with the transform tool 2 times or 120 degrees around the tube … I did tweak the face of the revolved feature using the transform tool for a better looking fit to the tube…

I did explore lofting with an array of patterns but that didn’t work all that good…

I’m sure there’s propbably a better technique but that’s how I did this one…

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Allways nice to see the different ways to the finish line🙃


That’s Life in a nutshell JST!!! :+1:t2::sunglasses:

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thank you everybody. I did it!


Right right on!!! Congratulations!!! Way to go!!! :+1:t2::sunglasses: