Creating a bifurcation cylinder (y-shaped)


I would like to know how to create a Y-shaped cylinder. I am currently able to create a cylinder and create angulations in it. Could you kindly illustrate me how to do a bifurcation?


Why not Join 3 separate cylinders?



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Is this what you mean?

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That’s very hard to do with solid modeling, usually these kind of shapes are done by surface modeling. The closest thing you could do is to union 3 connecting cylinders, and blend the new edges. But it may not result in what you expect.

Do any of these work for you?
Two of them are suggested by Tommy and Oregonerd.


The thing I love about helping here is it is teaching me so much. Thanks TigerMike! :+1: You are a valuable resource here! :grin:

I was noodling how to do the red and green versions. Haven’t had the time yet to sit down to it.


Thank you so much TigerMike! Yes, that’s what I was looking for. Could you kindly tell me how did you join the two bifurcating limbs to the central one (green cylinder)? Thanks

Thank you for posting this. Yeah, I am looking for something similar like the green cylinder in TigerMike’s comment.

I think he simply united three cylinders, then filleted the edges between them.

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Istvan is correct. I made a cylinder, copy rotated 30° at the base, copy rotated -30°, moved vertical cylinder down, used Union and then did a fillet.


Thank you so much for your help, Mike!