Split a Cylinder in three Body‘s

How i can split body 1 to body 2 without delete?
I have seen a video but could find it again

Thanks for answer


I would like to help but can’t understand what/why you want to do. Do you want to end up with 3 without subtraction; only additive?



Yes, i want to step down the middle part.


Make a copy from the 3. body🙃

Great idea

Thank you very much

Make tube with shell tool, set wall, to what you need step dawn. Cut this tube to size what the long of the stepped part.
Move this tube to same axis with the cylinder. After subtract the tube from the body.
But i think too, it easyer to make two kind of cylinder and union them.

Thank all you for your answers,
This’s the procedure that i for me as the quickest have found.
In the video i have seen was with two lines the Cylinder separated in a few seconds.
Excuse my bad English
This is my procedure

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