Creating a true Ellipse, Ellipsoid


Would be nice to have a direct way to create an ellipse. The user Gabor who seems to be a representative of the app has said elsewhere that you can use a four-point closed spline to create an ellipse, but I don’t think you can create a true ellipse that way. Proof: you can’t create a true circle using a four-point spline.

A way I’ve figured of creating a true ellipse is by projecting a circle to a flat surface at an angle, i.e. the circle and the other surface are not parallel. Would be nice to have tools for primitives like ellipses though.

Would also be nice to be able to squish/stretch sketches and shapes along one dimension, which would make it trivial to create an elongated ellipse from a circle, among other things. The ability to squish/stretch would also make it easy to create an ellipsoid that has a different dimension on each axis. This seems to be impossible at the moment?


2D primitives - like ellipse - is a planned feature:


Just how magic is that Magic Pen? Inquiring minds, you know!




The spline symbol is much like a tangency one!


Icons and labels are not final. Actually spline is not going to work like shown in the image.


We don’t have a good name for the pen that we currently have by default. It can be just “Pen” or “Auto” or “Lines and Arcs”. We’ll see.


Maybe “Draw” ?




It can be. Also it gets a “main” UI button above “add” and “transform” called sketch, which opens sketch mode. But you won’t need to open it to “draw” it will act like today. So we’re experimenting. We want to add more and more features, with keeping the experience intuitive. When beta comes out, we’ll need your feedback :slightly_smiling_face:


Looking forward to the beta…