Creating gravel or other small size / high volume items

I am designing a house foundation with drainage around it. Drainage requires large amounts of gravel. But when I create small gravel size pieces, and then copy them a bizillion times - Shapr seems to have a hard time with it, and my files freeze. I have run into this problem multiple times. Am I missing something? Is there a better way to do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Is the gravel very important to the 3D design? Or do you just need it for the ground? I would suggest just getting a picture of gravel from online and just import it into the design.

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Thanks for the idea. Unfortunately, it is an important detail. Not just to show the gravel, but the specific amount of gravel in different places. Some areas require gravel 15-18” wide and 10-12” deep, other areas require gravel 18-24” wide and 24-36” deep. Still other areas require gravel 12” wide and 40-50” deep. These are drawings intended to teach/train both homeowners and installers, so the details are important. I am creating both birdseye views, and cut out views.

While not a graphic, you can create a box, or take the shape and extrude it, creating a body. Then select that body, and look at the bottom of the screen. This will tell you the cubic volume of the area you want to fill. If you create individual shapes of stones, this will clearly choke the capability.

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I almost forgot about those measurements at the bottom :sweat_smile:

This likely the best solution

What most people don’t realize is that much of the CGI you see uses tricks like surface mapping, bump maps, texture maps etc to fool you unto thinking you see actual texture. For example to make a 3d shape look like a tree stump with intricate bark, you cannot model each and every crevice of the bark. The amount of data would so prohibitive that no computer would have enough memory to load more than just a few trees let alone the individual rocks and gravel and sand and grass etc.

You need to post process your gravel in another program that you can import your shapr models into and map texture and bump maps to "simulate’ gravel.