Size of files are blowing up

Since some days the size of the designs is blowing up. When I want to safe a design in the Shapr3D format the size blows up tu 1.7 GB. Simple parts with file size of 10 MB before now are getting 800 MB when I safe it. In the end nothing is working now, most of the time is waiting for the next crash of Shapr3D. Fortunately the export to obj or stl is working as before. A body of a model locomotion has now 1.72 GB in Shapr3D format in obj 25 MB. Before the size was 18 MB in Shapr3D.

Thanks in advance



Could you please check how many Drawings do you have in the model?

Hi, thanks for the prompt replay.

There is no drawing, no sketch, no photo. The file size you can see on the pic of the folder on the cloud


. The second picture shows the design, the third the Dach 2 body, the fours the Dach 2a body.

Dear Laszlo,

a new design, not based on an earlier design you can see on the pic. Two simple bodies and a photo, all sketches are deleted. I wanted to safe it today, the file size would be 2 GB.

Now I got it.

There are fucking shit drawings in, from totally different design, approx… 50 drawings, it is always the same drawing; only onetimes I have used the function to create a drawing. It was only to see how the drawing looks like. Now I have a huge problem. How can I delete it? To delete them all one by one needs more time than the design. To delete drawings easier is also a request in the community. Why are the drawings always in? Anyway, the chapter drawings needs serious rework.

The most famous thing is the easy 3D modelation, it is intuitive to learn, this should be the focus; that’s why I love the software. It seems that

Best Regards Volker

It usually happens when you export in .shapr format, then import it to another design. .shapr has everything from the previous design, including the drawings, therefore each time it’s imported, it grows the file size.

Items list is being reworked, you an expect improvements soon.

For now, the suggested format for parts intended to reuse is x_t, as it’s the native Parasolid format, but it doesn’t contain drawings.


Perfect solution to clean the design.

Thx Volker