Creating Matching Nuts for Screws Help

I’m making a model in parts that is assembled. I want to use screw in parts for better reliability. Making the screw is easy enough from the Shapr3D tutorials. What I need advice on is the marching nut part.

I took the screw I made and did a Transform / Subtract to get the nut to match the screw. Seems like a good way to do this. When printed it’s really too tight of a fit to be useful. My question is what is the best way to get a matching nut to my custom screws so they are not super hard to put together?

I thought about doing the Subtraction method to get my exact nut again but then expanding the nut on the X and Y by .2 mm. But I thought I’d ask in case I’m missing a better way to do this.

Unless these are custom threads I would just download the appropriate bolts/nut models from McMaster-Carr and print those. Has worked very well on the occasions I’ve needed to do something like this.

Let me check out the site and see if this would work. Thanks.

This may be helpful: